The largest grant, the Russian government grant 2024, all the details and how to apply


About Russian Government Scholarship 2024

The Russian government scholarship is considered one of the best and most generous scholarships in the world. The Russian government scholarship is back this year and as usual, it provides the opportunity for thousands of foreign students from all over the world to achieve their ambitions to study in Russian universities for free.

It is considered a preferred destination by many international students from around the world, especially for Arab students.

This is due to several reasons, the most important of which is the drop in tuition fees significantly, where we find annual fees ranging from $ 1000 and may reach up to $ 5000 in some strong universities.

The Russian government scholarship is offered annually with a large number of seats (about 15,000 seats), which is a very special opportunity to study in Russia for free and for any study program at public universities included in the Russian scholarship.

Nationalities who can apply for the scholarship:

United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Djibouti, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Comoros, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen.

About Russian Government Scholarship

If you want to study in Russia, you can apply for the Russian Government Scholarship, which is offered to international students of different nationalities around the world who want to have the opportunity to start studying a master’s and doctoral degree in Russia for the academic year 2023-2024.

Study stages included in the Russian Scholarship 2024

We find that the Russian scholarships offered include all academic levels, including:

  • Bachelor: 4 years.
  • Masters: two years.
  • PhD: 4 years.
  • Year of experience or what is known as Internship.
  • Specialized programmes: 5-6 years.
  • Postgraduate courses: It is 3 years.
  • Clinical medical specialties: 2-4 years.

Standards and Conditions

Anyone who has a high school diploma or a certificate of vocational or technical education can apply for the bachelor’s stage, and of course, the application for the master’s and doctoral stages requires university degrees.
In addition, the process of evaluating students is based on the academic qualifications that the student possesses. So if you have a strong CV and a high GPA in your previous study years, or you speak Russian, even at a high level

Competencies available in Russian government scholarships 2024

The Russian scholarship includes all majors in the Russian universities that are included in the scholarship.

We find that all medical programs such as medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, and all engineering programs such as construction, architecture and informatics are included in the grant. More clearly, any program you are looking for, you will find it.

As for the advantage that you do not find in any other scholarship from around the world, it is the presence of clinical medical specialties that are available to apply for, and therefore this scholarship is a golden opportunity for anyone who has studied any medical branch before and wants to complete his studies and specialization.

Knowing that please pay attention to an important note that if your country does not have strong relations with Russia, you may not find all programs available to apply for. This is practically determined after you communicate with the responsible centers, which we will talk about later.

In addition, some programs, such as medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, are placed within the Department of Specialized Programs or Specialty Degrees and not within the Bachelor Degree Department. Therefore, the appropriate programs must be searched for within their correct departments.

To find out more about the available programs, click here

Is education in Russia really not good and not universally recognized??

In fact, I am not in the position of a qualified person to evaluate Russian education and universities, but what I do know is that I can tell you some facts and information that will help you answer this question yourself.

There are about 3000 educational institutions in Russia, of course this includes schools, universities and others. The number of universities is 766 public and private universities, but what we know is that there are about 30 Russian universities within the QS World Ranking, including 14 universities ranked among the top 500 universities in the world according to the same previous classification.

Thus, it can be said that Russian universities have a high position among international universities. You can see the top 10 universities in Russia:

Of course, this does not mean that only this small number of universities are recognized around the world, but that these universities are considered the best. Knowing that according to the Russian Education website, there are about more than 500 recognized Russian universities around the world.

Features of Russian Government Scholarship 2024

The Russian scholarship is distinguished by the fact that it includes relatively acceptable funding compared to many scholarships from around the world, as we find that the funding in the Russian scholarship includes the following:

  1. Full exemption from tuition fees: for any study program you choose within one of the Russian universities included in the scholarship, whether for the bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, or other included stages.
  2. Preparatory year for the Russian language: you are fully qualified to start university studies.
  3. University housing: for the duration of the university study period.
  4. A monthly living stipend: but the fact is that it is somewhat low and is estimated at about 1500 rubles, and therefore the student has to cover the living expenses.
  5. The scholarship does not include: health insurance, or travel costs.

How to Apply for Russian Government Scholarship 2024 Step by Step

The process of applying for a Russian government scholarship is somewhat different compared to other scholarships, and let’s learn about the steps to apply for this special scholarship step by step:

1.Contact with United Operator

Communicate with the united operator or what is known as the managing center of the Russian grant located in your country. But what does that mean?!

Any country in the world that has relations with Russia has one of the following centers:

  • Russian Center of Science and Culture.
  • Russian Embassy.

That is, if there is no first center in your country, go to the Russian Embassy directly. The importance of these centers lies in:

  • Obtaining information about the study programs available for application by students in your country.
  • Information on the number of seats available for your country only.
  • The center will direct you to the steps that you must follow after completing the online registration process, which we will talk about now.

2.Preparing the necessary documents for submission

All the documents we mentioned previously, you will be asked during the application stage for the Russian government scholarship, so you must provide all the required documents and then proceed to the subsequent steps.

But at this stage, it should be noted that a certified copy of your passport must be translated into Russian, and the academic certificates on it must be translated into Russian as well.

3.Fill in the application for the Russian scholarship

Apply for the Russian scholarship online by filling in the application for the grant and this step we have explained in the detailed explanation via this video:

Put personal information (full name, date of birth, country of residence, email and contact phone number – you will receive updates on the status of your application), profession, specialty or field of study to which you are applying (you can change this information at any time before completing the relevant exams), your level of education Current, Russian language level.

Pay close attention to:

You can choose six different desires (6 programs) within the six different universities from the scholarship application, but you cannot choose more than three wishes from one Federal District, as in Russia there are eight Federal Districts and you have to choose no more than three wishes in each.

As for specific cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg. Petersburg, you can place no more than two wishes.

So you should put the first desire as your best option and then put the other desires after that in the desired order.

4.Waiting for interviews

After sending your application to the Russian Scholarship Administration, you must wait for the dates of interviews or tests that you may undergo at the responsible center in your country.

Here we return to the importance of communicating with the Russian Center for Science and Culture or the Russian Embassy in your country. Where this center publishes the interview dates for the Russian scholarship on its website or sends an email to you directly to inform you of the date and location of the interview.

During this stage, applicants are evaluated in order to be awarded seats in order of preference.

5.Issuance of the results of the Russian scholarship

The next stage is to get the final results of the Russian government scholarship. Where the results are published on the website of the responsible center or sent to you via e-mail.

6.Preparing to travel to Russia

After publishing the results of the Russian scholarship and as soon as you find yourself on this list, you must prepare the documents that you submitted for the scholarship and add to them a medical report proving that you are free of communicable diseases and health insurance.

All documents that you submitted under the online application form will be requested, so keep them.

* Important Notes About Russian Government Scholarships

All documents must be translated exclusively into Russian.

As mentioned before, the scholarship includes a preparatory year for the Russian language for people who do not speak the language. But if you speak Russian, even at an average level, this increases your chances of being accepted into the scholarship.

You should pay attention to an important point, which is that after receiving the scholarship and joining the language course in Russia, there is a test in the Russian language at the end of the preparatory year. If you pass it, you will move to start the university stage directly. But if you do not pass this test, you will never be able to study at the university for free. The scholarship will be withdrawn from you.

As for applying for a student visa to travel to Russia, you need to have the invitation letter that the university sends to you after you have accepted the scholarship. And of course you need some other documents that the Russian embassy asks for you.

You have to know that there are many advantages to learning the Russian language, in the end it is the eighth most spoken language in the world with 260 million speakers.

As I mentioned earlier, health insurance is not included in the scholarship, and the student must bear its expenses because it is obligatory to apply for it to reside in Russia. The cost ranges from $90-250, depending on the region and insurance coverage.

Required Documents:

The application for the Russian Government Scholarship cannot be completed without preparing and completing the documents required by the Scholarship Department. You will notice that the two main documents required to apply for the scholarship are:

  • A copy of a valid passport.
  • A certified copy of the last academic certificate obtained:
  • To apply to the bachelor’s levels and specialized programs, you need a high school diploma.
  • For the master’s level, you need a bachelor’s degree.
  • For a PhD, you need a master’s degree.

As for the supporting documents for your application for the Russian scholarship, they are:

  • Fill out the scholarship application via this link.
  • Document proving possession of health insurance.
  • A medical report proving that the applicant is free of communicable and contagious diseases.
  • CV.
  • Motivation Letter.
  • Other supporting documents: such as experience certificates, educational courses, certificates of distinction, language certificates, and others.

Note: The health insurance and medical report do not need to be prepared during the grant application process, but you are required after receiving the grant and starting to prepare for travel.

Important dates

In fact, the full information about the registration dates and the way to follow it, you can get it completely and accurately through what is known as the Russian Center of Science and Culture, from which there are in several Arab countries, and I think including Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and other countries.

Practically, if this center is not located in your country, the second option is to contact the Russian embassy in your country to apply for the scholarship directly through it.

But to put an approximate date for applying for the Russian scholarship, the scholarship usually opens its doors in the first month of January or the second month of February of each year in most countries.


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