King Abdulaziz University Scholarships for Masters and PhD studies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (fully funded)


King Abdulaziz University invites students from different countries of the world to apply for a scholarship to study a master’s or doctorate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as this scholarship will be fully funded and is open to all nationalities from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

An overview of King Abdulaziz University:

King Abdulaziz University is a public university in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was established in 1967 as a private university, by a group of businessmen led by Muhammad Abu Bakr Bakhashab, among whom was the writer Hamzah Bujari.

King Abdulaziz University scholarship details:

  • Host country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Host University: King Abdulaziz University
  • Course Level: Master’s or Ph.D.
  • Place of study: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Application Deadline: Applications are open throughout the year

The university offers full scholarships to all selected candidates. The scholarship covers:

  • A monthly reward of (900 Saudi riyals) paid by the Deanship of Student Affairs.
  • Paying a monthly reward (1000 Saudi riyals) for a contract (a research assistant that does not include the summer semester) specified for one academic semester between the student and the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies, and in the event that the two parties wish to contract for another semester.
  • Payment of a processing allowance upon the arrival of the scholarship applicant (1800 Saudi riyals).
  • Student health care.
  • Providing housing (for the student only) and appropriate scientific, social, cultural, and training care.
  • Discounted meals provided.
  • A lump sum reward of (4000 Saudi riyals) for printing the thesis for a doctoral student, (3,000 Saudi riyals) for a master’s student.
  • A graduation allowance reward for shipping books (2700 Saudi riyals).
  • Exchange of travel tickets (round-trip – student only) to his country annually.

Eligibility criteria to apply for the King Abdulaziz University Scholarship:

1- The age of (35) years for the doctoral student and (30) years for the master’s student.

  1. That the applicant holds a qualification recognized in his country, and the average of this qualification is not less than very good if the degree is awarded with a grade.
  2. To submit two scientific recommendations from professors who previously taught him3- Obtaining one of the following scores in English language tests:
  • TOEFL (PBT): 500
  • TOEFL (CBT): 173
  • TOEFL (IBT): 61
  • IELTS: 5

4- To be of good conduct, and medically fit.
5- To submit two scientific recommendations from professors who previously taught him.

  1. He shall not be dismissed from any of the educational institutions in the Kingdom.

Tasks and duties of the scholarship student:

In addition to enrolling the student in the postgraduate program, he performs academic and technical work appropriate for his specialization,
Provided that this does not affect his educational attainment and the educational quality of the university.

How to apply to the King Abdulaziz University Scholarship:

To apply for scholarships, enter the Graduate Scholarships website at King Abdulaziz University, read the instructions and conditions for the programs available for admission, and then start filling out the online admission form, and attach the required documents to those who meet the admission requirements.

Required Documents:

  1. The applicant’s CV.
  2. A research proposal (Statement of Purpose) for the major you want to join.
  3. A copy of the graduation document.
  4. A copy of the transcript.
  5. Two scientific recommendations from professors who previously taught him.
  6. A copy of a valid passport (at least for one year).
  7. The required documents must be certified by the Kingdom’s embassies in the applicant’s country.

The official website of the university and view the main announcement of the scholarship from the link below:

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  1. Studying in my country is very difficult, and this is due to the wars in my region, so I think that this scholarship will give me a lot and it will give me what my country could not offer me. I have applied to many universities in my country, Sudan, and I have not accepted any of them, so I resorted to scholarships and I have many dreams that I want To achieve it and the largest of it, I bring peace to my region, which has become devastated by wars, and also this grant will allow me to develop myself and my talents and will help me add something new to the world and also allow me to get to know new cultures that I did not know and it will provide me with knowledge that my country will not allow me. Thank you.

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