Sheikh Khaled Scholarship To Study In Qatar 2024


About The Scholarship

Sheikh Khaled Bin Nasser Scholarship for Study in Qatar is enjoyed by Qatari citizens and international students with the opportunity to attend college and obtain a bachelor’s degree in a scientific field. This is due to the status of the applicant, and there is full or partial support for each student in the Sheikh Khalid bin Nasser scholarship.

Sheikh Khaled Scholarship Details

Degree LevelBachelor’s degree
DeadlineApplications are accepted all year long

Sheikh Khaled Scholarship To Study In Qatar

Applications for the Sheikh Khalid bin Nasser Scholarship are accepted all year round. Applications and preferences are evaluated by the Social Assistance Department twice a year, and those who are accepted are notified by official email.

The recipient of the grant is a charitable foundation called Afif, which is one of the humanitarian institutions in the State of Qatar. The foundation was established in 2012. Since that date, the foundation has provided all its services according to a specific and unique vision for all charitable works that serve humanity. 

The scholarship provides funding

  • The age of the student should not exceed 25.
  • For high school graduates, the student must have received an average of at least 90%, and for normal university students, the cumulative average must be at least 3.5.
  • The Afif Foundation website must be used to complete and submit the necessary paperwork.
  • The candidate must be struggling financially.
  • that no scholarship provided by another party has been received by the student (it does not apply to the partial scholarship).
  • The Social Aid Section of Afif Charity is required to do a case study on the applicant. To confirm the applicants’ eligibility and their commitment to studying, the administrative team also sets a date for a personal interview with each candidate.
  • Only one family member may get the scholarship; however, after the beneficiary has finished his studies, extra applications from individuals from a similar family might be taken into consideration.
  • The grant period is for four years in a row, and as a result, the grant expires at the conclusion of the fourth year.
  • The annual grant for each applicant is limited to a maximum of QR 40,000.
  • If the student does poorly academically or fails during the scholarship period, the scholarship is terminated and withheld.
  • The understudy has probably been acknowledged into one of the previously mentioned fields at a college in the Territory of Qatar.

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship offers the following funding:

  • Pay per month.
  • Tuition costs.
  • Health protection.
  • Collegiate pursuits.

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