The 12 best English courses from AUC road to college


A complete program from the AUC English course that develops your language very quickly.
The program is called “AUC road to college: open english access”.

About AUC Road to College

The program will enhance your English language skills, improve your proficiency level, and prepare you to succeed in school and university. Although the program is designed for 13-18 year-old Egyptian students, we do welcome all learners of different ages and backgrounds from all over the world.

The new Path to College program launched by AUC
It provides free english courses online which is a complete plan and route designed by professionals
To develop the English language through a group of English language courses.

The program does not give you a specific time to complete any course during the course, but rather allows you to study At the right speed for you without any restrictions.

What is the purpose of the AUC road to college: open english access programme?

The courses, which are designed within a special academic and cultural framework, will enable
secondary school students or any private school approved by the competition for admission to universities Which use English as their primary language, including European universities and other academic institutions and culture .

Details of the English courses in the AUC Road to College scholarship

The “AUC Road to College” program is the most important Arab program and the largest program in terms of levels
Which helps you learn English through integrated English courses online via the Internet
Free and intense.

The scholarship consists of 12 online courses, allowing middle and high school students in all
All over Egypt to develop their English language skills outside of school for free and obtain any
A level of courses available online from home, and the course price is free.

Students who participate in the course will have higher chances of obtaining scholarships
In universities where teaching is taught in the English language around the world, as well
The courses will help you quickly integrate into university life through experts in education.

Course system for learning English fluently

Learn with the online learning system from scratch to professionalism to learn English

The courses are designed to be available anytime, from anywhere by the lecturers
For English language courses at AUC, each course contains six modules, it takes…
Each takes an average of three to four hours to learn. However, it can During the program, students determine the system, time and method of learning that suits them, allowing them freedom They learn at a pace that suits their learning abilities and personal schedules.

Dr. Hoda Mustafa, Professor of Practice and Director of the Center for Learning and Teaching, said
The American University in Cairo, which developed the online program and collaborated with…
AUC’s IT team at the university to develop the digital platform:
“If any student finds it difficult to complete any unit within four hours,
They can repeat and re-listen to lessons and language materials at their own pace
Which they prefer and suit their level.

The program aims to develop language skill in all its elements, English language

The program targets the following aspects of the English language:

  • Writing using the English language
  • Listen to any English audio and develop listening skills
  • Reading course for any English books
  • An English course for speaking skills speaking English as a native speaker
  • A course on how to conduct a conversation, conversation skills with anyone who speaks English
  • Learn how to communicate effectively in English with an American accent
  • Communication skill course with English language
  • Course telling stories by english
  • Improve pronunciation (english language) course
  • Obtain a large English vocabulary
  • Learn how to learn english

These are the main components of university admission Which is taught in English, and the study is conducted through Different topics and contexts that suit the target level of any English learner.

How to register for an English course through the AUC Road to College program

  1. Create an account on the AUC website to start the course
  2. Take a test to determine the level to start the course that is appropriate for you
  3. After determining your level, just register for the course specified for you, whether courses for beginners or advanced level.

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