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An English course is one of the best courses at the University of California, USA, and you will obtain a certificate accredited by the California Foundation for free, and you will learn English from the best hands. Trainers.

Online English course from scratch english course

Who among us does not need an English language course, especially in light of the demand?It has increased significantly in various fields and has become a separate professionin all countries of the world.Learning the English language has not become a luxury, but a necessity in order to get a job. You can learn the English language from scratch for free, and it is no longer difficult or expensive as it was in the past.

Learning English is by paying attention to basic skills such as:

  • Listening skill in English
  • Reading skill in English
  • The skill of speaking or conducting a conversation with American words in the English language

 English is not simple or difficult, but you can learn it, but it requires practice more than memorizing words, and the best English course is an English language learning course from a professional trainer who is interested in the three English language skills in one path to learning English from the first ab to an advanced level.

Who are these English courses for?

 Whether you are an engineer, doctor, accountant, translator, tour guide or worker in the tourism field.If you are a student, all good academic materials and sources are in the languageEnglish, and without English, you will find it almost impossible to find good content.So start now to make improvements in the English language and excel in it without any fees or charges Funds through the courses we offer in cooperation with the Coursera Foundation and the international Coursera website.From now on, you will not bear any costs if you are unable to pay expenses Courses through financial support to obtain an English language course.

Information about the entity providing the English language course

The university in the state of California in the United States of America is ranked thirty-fifth
among universities in the global rankings, and is one of the most important universities in learning the English language.

California University was established in 1965 and approximately 45,000 students, male and female, of
various nationalities and ethnicities study there annually.

Subjects offered by California College in English

It offers various faculties of engineering, medicine, arts, and more than 200 specializations.But the most famous majors that are distinguished by the California College Complex are:

  • civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Communications Engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • architecture
  • Clean energy engineering
  • Computers and computer science
  • english language
  • German language
  • French language
  • dentist
  • Human Medicine
  • Psychiatry
  • psychology
  • Sociology
  • Politics and Economy
  • Etiquette 
  • Natural Science

In these specializations, the university gives you a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree. 

Outcomes of the English language course

The duration of the English course from California College is 7 weeks, in order to obtain a certificateEnglish approved by the university in the course of learning the English language and completing the English language course online, and you must pass the final exam.

The first week of the English course:

  •  Introduction toEducation courseenglish language
  • An introductory lecture about the university presented Education courseenglish language
  •   Introducing the lecturers who offer an English course from California College
  •  Introducing you to how to learn online through the English course
  •    English course requirements 
  • Also, the time required to finish the first week of the English language course is 2 hours It is divided over the course of the week, and you can complete it in one day or divide it as you wish according to your time.The first week of learning English contains 24-minute videos and 7 articles that you must read.

The second week of the English language course:

The content for the second week requires 4 hours of time, which you can divide as you wish over the week.The content is divided into 147-minute videos and 4 articles on how to improve English.Also, this week you will learn the correct vowels, and significantly improve your pronunciationFrom the first lecture, your pronunciation will become correct and sound.

The third week of the English course:

The content for the third week is Tricky Vowel Sounds from the English course, and the time required to complete the third week consists of 3 hours divided into 96 minutes of English videos, and 4 articles about  Learn English in the Tricky Vowel Sounds course.

The fourth week of an English course in pronunciation:

The content for the fourth week is The Music of American English Pronunciation,These are very important lectures in learning phonetics in English, and this is the goalMore important than course.The time required to complete the fourth week consists of two hours divided into 76 minutes From videos and 3 articles on English pronunciation techniques and proper English pronunciation.

The fifth week of an English course:

The content of the fifth week of the English course is additional basicsto improve your English language during conversation. The course this week will be full of techniques for improving the English language. It is one of the few English courses that careDeveloping pronunciation, and the title of the week is Other Tricky Things for the American accent.The time required to complete the fifth week of the English learning course consists of 3 hours, divided into a 115-minute video and 3 articles on English techniques.

Sixth week of an English course:

The content of the sixth week of the English course is the final exam The test includes all the English language skills studied during the courseEnglish that was studied in the previous five weeks.

Who are the lecturers of this english course ?

This course offers you three of the most qualified lecturers in providing distinctive English courses:

  • Tammy Chapman:

I started teaching the English language and providing ENGLISH COURSES since 1996 Since that year, she has been teaching English at all levels Whether it is a beginner, intermediate, or professional level, it offers an English course Suitable for all ages and level zero.She taught English at the Texas Technical Institute through a course english for beginners in the technical field

  • Marla Yoshida:

She has been a lecturer in English language courses since 1967 and holds a master’s degree in English teaching and development.english courses. She taught an English course that qualified for the TEFL exam There are many English courses, which teach English as a second language to people who do not speak English as their mother tongue.

  • Brad Gilpin:

English course provider on the California platformMore than one course to teach students English to help them studyIn California colleges, especially for foreign students. He offered more than twenty different English courses and obtained degreesHe has a high degree of knowledge in the methods of creating an English course, and he has taught an English language courseIt reaches more than 100,000 students, and the course it offers today is considered the most comprehensive courseEnglish has a global presence.

How much does an English course cost?

The course is completely free and we will explain how to provide financial support for you to study the English courseWithout any fees, but you must follow the following steps carefully because without providing financial support You will have to pay $49 per month to obtain an English course certificate accredited by a collegeCalifornia.Ready to submit a financial support request to get the English course for free?!

How to get an English language course from California College for free?

A course with financial fees, but if you apply the following steps, it will be a complete English course for free.This is a possible method that will eliminate the need for any course and make it free on Coursera. In order to obtain a comprehensive course for learning the English language, follow the following steps and it will become a free English course without any fees:

Choose financial aid, English course

As shown in the picture after entering the English language course via the link,You will click on financial aid, depending on the language of the browser, which is a formWe offer it to the site for any paid course according to a professional online course conversion methodIt is free, and this is how we will obtain an English language learning course for beginners to the professional level.

How to answer the financial support form ?

Once we choose financial support, a form will open and we must answer all the questionsin order to get a free English course, and the best course is this course.You will find answers to financial support questions in this article: 

Financial support answersA very special English course, and in the end learning English without practice is worthless. That’s why I will provide you with articles at the end of the page that are courses and applications for you to practice English on, and all the English language courses are free.

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