The Excel program specialization is provided on the Edraak platform, free of charge


The professionalism of the Excel program is provided for free on the Edraak platform

Professional Excel Specialization is a free specialization offered by Edraak. It consists of six courses: Excel functions and tricks, Excel programming using VBA language, Excel Dashboards, and analysis Data using Excel, spreadsheets in Excel, and advanced skills in Microsoft Excel.

An overview of Excel:

Microsoft Office Excel is a program used to create spreadsheets, lists, budgets, and charts. Excel is useful for processing data and may be used for advanced mathematical operations. The program was designed by Microsoft and is considered one of the most used programs in the world, and the number of its users exceeds 750 million users around the world. Spreadsheets in Excel are called a workbook. Every workbook consists of one or more pages and each page consists of Columns and Rows, which intersect to form Cells. “The picture below shows the composition of the Excel page” In 1982 the first Microsoft Office application was released under the name “MULTIPLAN”, Microsoft “The name was changed to Excel when it was launched for the Macintosh in 1985.

Course information :

The comprehensive Excel program specialization will help you learn Excel from scratch and develop your skills in it until you reach professionalism. The first course of specialization begins with teaching Excel for beginners, as it shows them how to create electronic tables, employ names in an advanced way, develop business using formulas, develop reports using matrix equations, employ (If Statement) and information retrieval equations in business solutions, and provide advanced Excel tricks.

In the second course of the Excel program specialization, we will learn about the dashboard in (VBA Environment), the features of the program (Excel) over other computer programs, how to translate code, how to call macros in Excel programming (VBA), and work with Object model, how to create and name objects, navigation and selection techniques, and how programming is used in business development and reporting.

The third course, specializing in Excel proficiency, explains the concept of the dashboard, conditional formatting and interactive controls, advanced Excel charts, tables and charts (Power Pivot), and key performance indicators and status and thresholds. Plus how to build a dashboard, how to build a professional dashboard, and use form controls to interact with it.

In the fourth course, we move from the specialization of Excel proficiency to explain how to analyze data using (Add-Ins), how to work an Excel Solver, how to import data from systems, validate and summarize data, and multiple regression. Besides, the course explains how to analyze Excel data, the analytics revolution, the pivot table, and the financial part.

The fifth course of the Excel program specialization provides advanced skills in Excel, such as how to develop solutions using (Text Functions), how to import data from different sources, merge them, and organize them for a visual presentation. In addition to explaining how to use electronic tables, formulas, mathematical functions, formatting, charts, proofing, graphing and printing in this program.

Finally, the sixth and final course of the Excel program specialization deals with how to format tables, make conditional formatting, build and develop reports, how to use ready-made report tools and advanced functions, in addition to how to deal with charts in Microsoft Excel. By doing so, the specialization has covered all aspects of the Excel program for beginners and professionals alike.

Enroll in the Excel program specialization to learn Excel from scratch, and complete all courses to become familiar with advanced Excel skills such as Excel programming (VBA), how to develop tools for analyzing data in Excel, advanced Excel tricks, and how to build a professional dashboard. Join this free Excel course for beginners and professionals.

Course details:

  • Providing institution: Edraak Academy / Technology Department.
  • Hosted platform: Edraak.
  • Where to study: Online (online).
  • Effort required: Six hours per week.
  • Course duration: 31 weeks.
  • Price: The course is completely free with the certificate.
  • Target group: All ages and subscribers.

The specialization is divided into seven different courses, and this course is considered one of the best Excel courses available for free on the Internet.


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