Scholarship from Sabahattin Zaim University to study in Turkey


Introduction to Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University

Sabahattin Zaim University was established by the science publishing halt that was established in the era of the Ottoman Empire during the reign of Sultan Bayezid II, in a privileged location in the heart of Istanbul. Sabahattin Zaim University is one of the best private universities in Turkey that hosts thousands of students, including hundreds of international students. The university includes about seven colleges, on top of these colleges, the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Business Administration and Administrative Sciences, and the College of Health Sciences. These colleges offer about 34 undergraduate programs, 57 master’s programs and 20 doctoral programs

The campus of Sabahattin Zaim Halkalı University is located in the heart of Istanbul, specifically in the Halkalı district of Kucukcekmece, on the Asian side of Istanbul.

The university campus contains many indoor and outdoor sports facilities that host many training courses, as well as 33 vibrant and active student clubs that organize many cultural, social and sports activities inside and outside the campus, in addition to a stadium, indoor sports hall, golf course and tennis court Basketball court, volleyball court, handball court and shooting area.

The campus also has a large comprehensive library of books and encyclopedias in various fields in 15 different languages ​​working 24 hours a day, as well as a large group of research centers, including the Food and Agricultural Research Center, the Istanbul Research Center, the Center for Islamic Studies and International Affairs CIGA, and a center for education IZUTEM Turkish Language, Research Center for Complementary Food and Research and Development Center for Talented Education.

As for laboratories and laboratories, the university contains a food research and development laboratory specialized in the Food Engineering Department, chemistry, physics and biology laboratories, microbiology laboratories, computer laboratories in the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences, and nursing laboratories that provide practical training on professional skills for the nursing profession. It also contains a large mosque full of the ancient Ottoman heritage. The university has a university housing that provides students with a warm and friendly environment and provides all services that ensure students meet their needs in a safe and peaceful environment.

University headquarters: European Istanbul
University address: Halkalı Mahallesi, Halkalı Caddesi, Halkalı Kampüsü No:2, 34303 Küçükçekmece/İstanbul
University website:

University vision

  • To be an international research university
  • To be one of the top five universities in Turkey which is characterized by its advanced academic infrastructure
  • To be a pioneer in the field of scientific research and to graduate scientifically qualified individuals

University mission

Graduating leaders who maintain societal values ​​and serve the community and its development through science and knowledge.

Nationalities who can apply for the scholarship

United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Djibouti, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Comoros, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen.

About Sabah Al-Din Zaim University Scholarship 2021

Tuition fee 25% Scholarship: 33.750 TL + VAT
Tuition fee of 50% Scholarship: 22,500 TL + VAT
Tuition fee 75% Scholarship: 11.250 TL + VAT
100% tuition fee: 0
These fees and scholarships are also valid for the preparatory year 2021-2022.
The university offers scholarships for international students that include tuition fees and a preparatory year

Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University is one of the universities that is funded through charitable work and student fees. It is a non-profit constituent university. Therefore, the mission of the university is as a basis for providing quality education and qualification for all. IZU subsidizes approximately 63% of all international student costs.

All applicants can apply for a scholarship when applying for the programme. You just have to select and confirm the (Scholarship) campaign.

Terms and Standards

The application is open to those who meet the following characteristics:

  • International students from outside Turkey.
  • Students in Turkey who do not hold Turkish citizenship.
  • International students who wish to transfer from other universities in Turkey.
  • Turkish students who have been studying outside Turkey for more than 5 years.

Available programs

EconomicsEconomics38.000 tlBachelorTR-70%,EN-30%
İslamic Economics and Financeİslamic Economics and Finance38.000 tlBachelorEN/TR
Business AdministrationBusiness Administration38.000 tlBachelorTR-70%,EN-30%
İnternational Tradeİnternational Trade38.000 tlBachelorEN/TR
İslamic Scienceİslamic Science38.000 tlBachelorAR-50%,AR-50%
İslamic Scienceİslamic Science38.000 tlBachelorArabic
Mathematics TeachingMathematics Teaching38.000 tlBachelorTR
Special EducationSpecial Education38.000 tlBachelorTR
Primary SchoolPrimary School38.000 tlBachelorTR
English Language teachingEnglish Language teaching38.000 tlBachelorTR
Arabic Language TeachingArabic Language Teaching38.000 tlBachelorTR-70%,AR-30%
Computer EngineeringComputer Engineering38.000 tlBachelorTR
Electric and Electronic EngineeringElectric and Electronic Engineering38.000 tlBachelorTR-70%,EN-30%
İndustrial Engineeringİndustrial Engineering38.000 tlBachelorTR-70%,EN-30%
Food EngineeringFood Engineering38.000 tlBachelorTR/EN
İnterior Architectureİnterior Architecture38.000 tlBachelorTR
ArchitectureArchitecture38.000 tlBachelorTR
Software EngineeringSoftware Engineering38.000 tlBachelorTR-70%,EN-30%
Nutrition and DieteticsNutrition and Dietetics38.000 tlBachelorTr
NursingNursing38.000 tlBachelorTR
Health ManagementHealth Management38.000 tlBachelorTR
Social WorkSocial Work38.000 tlBachelorTR
LawLaw38.000 tlBachelorTr
PsychologyPsychology38.000 tlBachelorEN/TR
Political Science and İnternational RelationsPolitical Science and İnternational Relations38.000 tlBachelorEN
SociologySociology38.000 tlBachelorTR-70%,EN-30%
HistoryHistory38.000 tlBachelorTR
For more information: here

Required Documents

  • passport
  • Photo with a white background
  • High School certificate
  • High school transcripts
  • Motivation letter (explanations and samples here)
  • SAT or YOS exam results (if any)

How to Apply for Sabah Al-Din Zaim University Scholarship 2021

  • Students must apply through the official website of the university by filling in the information completely and correctly in English.
  • Students must submit all certificates and documents and test their desire to receive the scholarship.


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