An English language course offered by the University of Washington via the Coursera platform


The University of Washington offers a course in the professional language, as English is the most used language in the world and therefore all people from different countries of the world strive to develop their English language, especially in professional fields, as English is the official language of interaction between various companies around the world.

The University of Washington, DC, offers, through the Coursera platform, a short course for teaching professional language, as this course will be very wonderful for those looking to develop their English in the professional field

By the end of this short course you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between formal and informal language.
  • Distinguish between direct and indirect language.
  • Choose the right tone based on your relationship with the recipient, the context, and the request.

Information about the provided platform:

Coursera is a for-profit educational technology company that offers massive open courses created by teachers at Stanford University. Coursera works with international universities to offer their educational courses across the Coursera Educational Systems Management interface. In October 2013, the number of enrollments in its courses reached 5 million students from all over the world

Coursera works with more than one system, such as:

  1. Individual workshops courses
  2. Specialties – Specializations
  3. Diplomas – Online Degrees

This course is part of the single course system – Courses: Each course on Coursera is offered by the best trainers in the world from the best international universities, and when you complete all the contents and requirements of the course; You get a certificate from these universities, and of course you can print this certificate and put it in your CV.

English course details:

  • Presenter Institution: University of Washington, USA.
  • Hosted platform: Coursera.
  • Place of study: Online (Online).
  • Effort required: 2 hours
  • Price: The course is completely free.
  • Target segment: all ages and subscribers


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