Peerless University Islamic University College KUIPs Scholarships for International Students to Study in Malaysia


About KUIPs:

Perlis Islamic University College (KUIPs) is established in the state of Perlis. KUIPs are under the auspices of the Islamic tradition of Berlis Malay and Adat (MAIPs) where His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Perlis, Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Ibn Syed Sirajuddin Jamal Al Layl is his main sponsor.

KUIPs offers a unique program of studies and strategies in order to produce knowledgeable, well-meaning people who do good deeds. The influx of international students in line with the impacts of globalization and the provision of talent for the domestic and international markets is one of the important reasons supporting the existence of KUIPs.

The location of KUIPs in the Golden Triangle (IMT-GT) has also been important to fulfilling the ASEAN agenda since the leadership of Tun Abdul Razak in the 1970s. The region’s population of over 70 billion represents wonderful opportunities that should be taken advantage of to the fullest.

KUIPs will lead well-known names in the national education industry, with the experience and determination they have will definitely be the key to the success of this institution in a short time.

The support of all parties, especially the state government, facilitates all related matters. The close relationship with Perlis’ many IPTAs also created healthy competition and complemented each other.

Nationalities who can apply for the scholarship:

United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Djibouti, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Comoros, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen.

About the Peerless University Islamic University College Scholarships:

MAIPs – KUIPs Higher Education Scholarships is a full scholarship by the Islamic Religion Council and Malay Custom Perlis (MAIPs) to provide opportunities for students from needy families to continue their studies at Kolej Universiti Islam Perlis. These scholarships include a full scholarship for Diploma and Bachelor studies until students graduate.

Advantages of the Peerless University Islamic University College KUIPs Scholarship:

The scholarship includes the following benefits:
  • Full tuition fee for free
  • A monthly stipend of RM350
  • University housing
  • Meals
  • Book and research expenses

Available programs:

College of Business Administration and Management Sciences:
  1. Diploma in Accounting
  2. Bachelor of Accounting
  3. Diploma in Business Administration
  4. Bachelor of Business Administration and International Business Administration
  5. Bachelor of Computer Science
College of Quran and Sunnah:
  1. Diploma in Quran and Recitation
  2. Bachelor of Quran and the language of the Prophet’s Sunnah
  3. Bachelor of Quran
  4. Diploma in Islamic Banking
  5. Bachelor of Islamic Banking and Finance
  6. Bachelor of Transaction Management
  7. Diploma in Islamic Property Management
  8. Diploma in Mosque Administration
College of Islamic Studies:
  1. Sharia diploma

Standards and conditions:

  • The student must be an international student
  • The student must have a high school diploma for a bachelor’s degree or hold a bachelor’s degree for a diploma
  • Certificates of appreciation, either for bachelor’s or diploma
  • A valid passport
  • Certificate of English Language (not necessary when applying)
You may get conditional admission at which time you must bring proof of English language certificate.

How to apply for the Peerless University Islamic University College Scholarships (KUIPs):

Before applying for the scholarship, one must apply to the university with a specific major. For more information, please visit the following link: (From here)

After registering at the university, register for the scholarship on the following website: (from here)

Required Documents:

  • Photograph
  • passport copy
  • Graduation certificate, or if you are in the last year, submit a certificate for the previous year
  • Health certificate and certificate form from here

Application deadline:

Application is currently available


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