Funded Laurentian University Scholarships to study in Canada


About Laurentian University:

Laurentian University occupies 765 acres located on a peninsula in Sudbury – less than four hours north of Toronto.

It is one of the fastest growing universities in Canada during the past decade, and now serves nearly 9,500 students. The main campus is located in Sudbury.

The university offers an increasing number of programs at the Bari campus for the 1,000 students studying on this campus.

And it has the highest postgraduate employment rates in Ontario, after 6 months, 93% and after two years, 95%. The university is known for its low class size, as it has one of the lowest average class sizes in Canada.


It has two university campuses in two cities that are similar in many important respects: each is a medium-sized city with all urban facilities and is characterized by vitality, safety and reasonable prices, and both of them have a real sense of community, and both are located within the famous natural environment of the Muskaka area.

Aside from the hustle and bustle of campus life, you will find plenty of activities to do and enjoy in both cities. Public transportation is available in both cities, is efficient and inexpensive, and it is relatively easy to get around by car or on foot.

Sudbury campus: Nestled between five freshwater lakes on 765 acres of land in the heart of the city, it makes sense that it has a wonderful view of the stunning nature scenes.

Campus in Bari: It houses about 10,000 students in total on a campus shared with the Georgian College – of whom more than 1,200 are full-time students at Laurentian University. On-campus accommodation gives students an opportunity to enjoy their university life around the clock.

Laurentian University provides facilities to serve students in convenient locations close to the campus, which is no more than a minute from the city center, and the university has its own beach.

Nationalities who can apply for the scholarship:

United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Djibouti, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Comoros, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen.

Laurentian University Scholarships:

Laurentian University offers International Excellence Scholarships to help talented students obtain high-quality undergraduate or postgraduate education in Canada,

Laurentian University Scholarships Features:

The scholarship includes full funding for the following:
  1. Students who earn an average of 90% to 100% will receive a scholarship of up to $ 60,000. And a financial grant of $ 15,000 for the first year. Students will have to maintain their average to continue receiving the scholarship.
  2. Students who score an average of 80% to 89.9% will receive a scholarship of up to $ 40,000. The prize money of $ 10,000 will be presented in the first year. Students will have to maintain their average to continue receiving the scholarship.
  3. Masters students are eligible for $ 600 and PhD students $ 1,200. Travel funds are for the duration of the student program and are not renewed annually.

Available programs:

Bachelor’s degrees are available in advertising, science, mathematics, communications, engineering, economics, environment, visual studies, health, humanities, and music

Standards and conditions:

  • Applicants must have high school diplomas with an excellent academic record.
  • Candidates must be 100% enrolled over the course of two semesters (fall / winter).
  • Going to university for the first time
  • The student must be an international student
  • Scholarships are limited to students studying in enrollment-only undergraduate programs.

How to Apply for Laurentian University Scholarships ?

In order to apply for the award, applicants must gain admission to a bachelor’s degree program at the university. After registration, applicants must complete the online application form for this opportunity.

Notice :

  1. Full-time registration is required. Masters are eligible for two years,
  2. PhD. Eligible to get 4. You need a B + average to qualify (75%) for new Masters students.
  3. Students will receive an email where they can fill out the application

For more information, click here.

Required Documents:

  1. passport
  2. Photograph.
  3. Biography.
  4. Academic certificates and transcripts.
  5. Recommendation letters.
  6. Motivation letter.
  7. Personal Statement
  8. English Language Certificate (ELTS, TOEFL IBT, TELC, LCCI, TOLES).
  9. Any other files that may support your request.

Important dates:

A student can apply at any time because there is no specific time. The dates are open throughout the academic year.

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The official link to apply for scholarships is from here

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