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In this article, we will learn how to write a letter of intent for the Turkish grant with a number of forms for the letter of intent.

The letter of intent or the so-called letter of motivation or motivation is one of the most important criteria for admission to scholarships in general and the Turkish government scholarship in particular.

Where the student explains the most important reasons for applying for the scholarship and the reasons for choosing these majors.

In this article, we will provide a detailed guide for answering the letter of intent questions in the Turkish scholarship step by step, and we will also list some examples for the letter of intent for the Turkish scholarship ready in Arabic for the bachelor’s degree.

Note: You can use the advice provided in this article to write a letter of motivation in the Joint Islamic Bank Scholarship Program with Turkish Scholarship 2021.

What is a letter of intent?

Before starting to explain how to write the letter of intent for the Turkish grant, it is important to familiarize yourself with the details of the letter of intent or what is called in English the Motivation letter.

A letter of intent is a letter in which the applicant explains the motives and reasons that make him suitable for this position, university, or scholarship.

The letter of intent is usually a one-page document and is used for university applications or to apply for jobs in general explaining why the applicant thinks it is a suitable option.

Most scholarships and universities around the world require a letter of intent to be attached.

Letter of Intent for the Turkish Scholarship:

The matter is somewhat different for the Turkish government scholarship, as the letter of intent is not attached separately in the form of a document, but rather is written as an answer to specific questions in the online application for the scholarship.

The first question in the letter of intent for the Turkish bachelor’s degree scholarship asks you to list your past academic and social experiences in the major you intend to study, the reason for your choosing Turkey, the importance of the education you will receive in the future, and your future plans.

You can answer these questions in Arabic or in any language that you can express.

The second question is an open question in which you can explain anything that may be unclear in your file submission, or you can also write anything that you think you did not have a chance to clarify during the application process.

In this article, we will present to you the letter of intent for the Turkish scholarship ready in Arabic for students accepted for the scholarship for previous years so that you can quote ideas.

The importance of the letter of intent in the 2021 Turkish scholarship:

Accurately answering the Turkish scholarship questions may make a difference in your file and increase your chances of getting a scholarship. Remember, you are competing against tens of thousands of applicants, so make sure your answers are excellent.

“Why should we give you the scholarship?” Quite simply, the Turkish Scholarship Authority wants you to answer this question. Ensure that the LOI answers this question clearly.

Top 10 Tips to Help You Write a Letter of Intent for the Turkish Scholarship

  1. Write the letter yourself – it’s okay to have someone share your ideas.
  2. Make your answer clear and easy to understand for the reader, and avoid long introductions.
  3. Make sure your answer is free from spelling and linguistic errors.
  4. Stay away from politics and don’t include any political overtones.
  5. Your answer should be professional and professional, so make the speech formal.
  6. Do a detailed search for the major you want to study, and the universities you have chosen.
  7. Be honest with your answer and attach correct information during the answer.
  8. Write the letter of intent in an external file and amend it, and do not modify it on the official website.
  9. Have an experienced person read the letter of intent after you have finished writing it.
  10. Be careful not to copy any content from the Internet or use answers found on the Internet, it is necessary that the answer is your own.

How to write a letter of intent for the Turkish scholarship?

After we reviewed the most basic information about the letter of intent or the letter of motivation for the Turkish government scholarships, we will now explain how to write the letter of intent for the Turkish scholarship for the bachelor’s stage. We will divide the question into 3 sections to make it easier for you to answer smoothly.

Before starting writing, gather enough information about the universities and majors that you have chosen, as well as review information and facts about education in Turkey.

And be sure when choosing majors that they are closely related, for example: (Business Administration, International Business Administration, Public Administration).

Read on below to learn how to write the letter of intent for the Turkish scholarship by dividing the letter into 3 main sections.

Section One: Academic Experiences.

Begin the letter of intent by mentioning the social and academic experiences in the major you have chosen, if any, and then explain the most important reasons that led you to choose this major.

Be sure to make it clear through your answer that you are passionate about this major and that you are well acquainted with this major by mentioning short information about the importance of the major and the universities you have chosen. For example, you can say:

“I made sure that the Turkish universities that are distinguished in scientific research in the field of business administration were among my list of specializations.”

The second section: the reason for choosing Turkey.

In the second section of the letter of intent question for the Turkish scholarship, you will talk about the reasons that led you to choose Turkey as a study destination.

Keep your answer objective, avoid mentioning political events, and stay away from excessive praise.

Rather, what you should mention in this question is the distinguished educational system in Turkey and how Turkish universities occupy a distinguished rank in the region due to the outputs of scientific research.

The most important thing is your desire to learn the Turkish language and get to know the culture of the Turkish people. For example, you can write a phrase similar to the following phrase.

“One of the most important reasons for choosing Turkey as a study destination is the cultural and historical heritage that Turkey carries. I aspire to learn the Turkish language and get to know the customs of the Turkish people closely.”

Section Three: Future Plans

At the end of the letter of intent, you must clarify future plans after graduation. Avoid saying that you intend to stay in Turkey after graduation and get a job.

Try to talk about imparting the educational benefit you have gained to your community. You can also talk about your desire to pursue a master’s degree.

“I aspire to continue my scientific studies in the field of international management and to conduct practical research in this field.”

Sample letter of intent for the Turkish scholarship:

We will provide you with a number of sample letters of intent, but be careful not to use, copy, or quote any part of these answers because that may deprive you of competing in the Turkish scholarship 2021.

Use these answers (ready-made letter of intent) to quote ideas and learn how to write, below are letters I have written for different majors and different years.

The first model:

Since my childhood I loved participating in social activities and expressing my opinion in front of others, I used to see and learn how to persuade, how to be confident, how to lead a team and be a leader. Since I entered high school and I am good in all academic subjects, I have worked at that time in some institutions and organizations as a volunteer, and when I finished my high school I began to develop myself by entering some courses and programs in addition to my volunteer work in institutions, so I would like to continue my bachelor studies.

I completed high school and trained at Mawarid Foundation for Sustainable Development, and after I completed the training, I had the opportunity to work in the field of awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals.

I chose Turkey because of its great progress at the level of international universities and because it is considered one of the most important countries interested in science and education, from which the desired and long-lived generations come from, as well as the great rapprochement between Turkey and Yemen in the cultural and social aspect. I seek to study in your universities in order to return to a level of knowledge and more experience, knowing that Turkey is one of the developed countries in all fields, and the best witness for this is what it has made of great progress during the last ten years.

The second model:

In light of the tremendous scientific, technical and technological revolution that we are witnessing: minds are racing to climb the stairs to achieve ambitions

I aspire to achieve my ambitions in the field of architecture “because this field is close to me and my strong desire for it. I have been acquainted with many of its subjects and studies and met many specialists in this field, which led to my adherence to this dream more. The speed at which I acquire other languages, and the scarcity of women’s cadre in this field in my country, I hope to be one of the women who will contribute to the renaissance of my country again and to be one of the contributors to the development of society.

I learned about many countries in which universities are available that provide me with the appropriate environment to achieve these aspirations, and the Turkish universities are the same. Technological and global development.

There were many reasons that led me to choose the Turkish state as a place to achieve my ambitions, the most important of which are:

1 / It combined the development of European countries on the one hand and the preservation of the Islamic cultural heritage of Arab and Islamic countries on the other hand.

2 / It is always one of the first countries to take the lead in supporting science and students, and providing them with security and stability

3 / Encouraging cultural exchange and societal openness with high equality among the nationalities residing in their territories

4 / The distinctive architecture that is unique to Turkey since ancient times.

And I aspire, after graduating from my major in the field of architecture, “to return home smiling and armed with modern science and many different skills and cultures that will make me possess the ingredients for success that qualify me to be an effective component of my family and society and participate with my engineering colleagues in building our country again, and contribute to its development and restoration. Smile and artistic beauty in its streets.

Architecture, the art and design and construction techniques, the aim of which is to combine the practical and aesthetic requirements of building. Everyone in this era needs the architect, but the beauty of the building has become a standard for the progress and prosperity of the country, and this dream haunts me from childhood and draws my attention to it.

With the conditions our country has reached and the many reasons that led to the structural collapse in many governorates, there was an incentive that pushed me to this specialization to build a new country that enjoys safety and stability.

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