Sultan Mehmed Al-Fatih University scholarships to study in Turkey 2021


About Sultan Mehmed Al Fateh University:

Sultan Mehmed Al-Fatih University, one of the private endowment universities in Istanbul, was established by the General Directorate of the Endowments of the Presidency of the Ministers of the Turkish Republic in 2010, and is managed by the Board of Trustees headed by Ismail Grachek and 8 other members. The university contains 5 campuses, where the presidency of the university is located in the area of ​​Fatih and building in the Gulf region, Topkapi, Kandilli, Kucukcekmece and اsküdar.

The university includes about 15 research centers and a Turkish language center “Tomer”, which is one of the most famous centers in Istanbul, a project management center, a distance education center and an open learning center. It also contains centers that help support students to define their goals and jobs in the future. The university also offers many activities. The students therefore included many cultural and social clubs, including the health club, the culture club, and sports clubs.

The university aims to become a huge academic edifice that helps graduate students with knowledge and an innovative pioneering personality that contributes to the growth of Turkish society, and is working hard to conduct many research and rehabilitation studies that provide comprehensive education.

University Ranking:

The university is ranked 124th at the university level in Turkey and the 6925th at the level of universities in the world, and the Sultan Mehmet Al-Fatih Endowment University has many partnerships, as it is a member of the Erasmus Student Exchange Program and the Global Exchange, and it has partnerships with a number of universities Around the world, as well as it is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education, and the YÖS test is required for admission.

Nationalities who can apply for the scholarship:

(United Arab Emirates),( Bahrain, Djibouti), (Algeria),( Egypt),( Iraq),( Jordan),( Comoros),( Kuwait), (Lebanon),( Libya), (Morocco),( Mauritania), (Oman), (Palestine),( Qatar),( Saudi Arabia),( Sudan), (Somalia), (Syria),( Tunisia),( Yemen).

About Sultan Mehmed Al Fateh University Scholarships:

As every year, Al-Fateh Sultan Muhammad University offers many scholarships in several different programs, and this aims to develop the university by attracting distinguished students from other countries. % And up to 25%, the latter if the file is weak. These scholarships are competitive among students.

Conditions and Criteria:

Candidates must meet the following conditions in order to be accepted as undergraduate students at Fatih Sultan Mehmed Vakiv University:

  • Must be a foreign citizen
  • Master candidates must have a bachelor’s and doctoral degree and aptitude and arts candidates must have a master’s degree.
  • Must not be a citizen of Turkey or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (or you have dual citizenship right for either country or for people who have dual citizenship but have canceled either one of whom did not complete all secondary education in Turkey or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus).
  • He must not have been dismissed from one of the higher education institutions in Turkey despite meeting all the other requirements mentioned above
  • Requirements for the minimum GPA for the diploma: For master’s applicants, the GPA for their university diploma must be a minimum of 60; For PhD applicants, their undergraduate GPA must be at least 67.
  • Language proficiency results will not be requested from students whose mother tongue is the same as the language of the program they are applying to.
  • Students admitted to all programs (except for programs taught in a foreign language) must provide evidence of proficiency in the Turkish language (C1) from Yunus Emre Institute, FSMTÜMER or other university’s Turkish Language Centers.
  • Students who fail to provide such evidence must attend a Turkish language preparatory course for a maximum of one year at Yunus Emre Institute, FSMTÜMER, or other Turkish language centers affiliated with the university. The duration of the preparatory course (one year) will not be counted within the students’ regular education period. That is, more than a year and the student will begin to use from the scholarship periods.

Available programs:

The university offers many varied programs in each of the bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, and other programs. For more about the offered programs, visit the following website: From here

Features of Fatih Sultan Muhammad Scholarship:

The scholarship includes the following benefits:

Scholarships cover 100% only tuition fees and do not cover living costs or university housing.
The duration of the Postgraduate Scholarships will be 1 year for language preparatory classes / courses, 2 years for Master’s programs and 4 years for PhD programs.
The scholarship does not cover the costs of the Turkish language preparatory courses (TÜMER).

Scholarship details:

  • Students applying to FSMVU with acceptable national or international test scores must achieve at least 70% pass on these exams to be accepted into 100% scholarships
  • Students who have been admitted with their diploma degrees and are required to attend Turkish language preparatory courses (T yearMER) will be given one year to complete TÜMER.
  • And obtain a C1 certificate and this first year will not count towards the scholarship period.
  • Students admitted with their diploma scores must maintain a minimum 1.80 GPA for the duration of the scholarship. In the event that their GPA falls below 1.80, their scholarship will be reduced to 50% and it will remain that way until the student improves his GPA to a minimum of 1.80.
  • Students who are suspended due to disciplinary action lose all scholarships indefinitely.
  • The full scholarships offered by the Department of History of Science are based on the successful completion of the English language preparatory semester.
  • Failing 50% of classes in a given semester with DZ gade will reduce the scholarship level to 50%.

One-time scholarships and discounts. Students who canceled their scholarships or who canceled their enrollment at the university will not be able to receive scholarships / discounts anymore and will be required to pay tuition fees for courses that have been taken after the date of cancellation of the scholarship / discount.

How to apply for the Fatih Sultan Muhammad Scholarship:

  • There are no separate submissions from the university and grants to apply. You must register at the university according to the program and then you will be fully eligible for the scholarship according to the academic average.

Required Documents:

For bachelors:

  • High school diploma with transcripts
  • High School Diploma Equivalency Certificate (Denklik Belgesi)
  • passport copy
  • Language proficiency test results (Turkish, English, Arabic, etc.) (if applicable)
  • Incentive Certificate for Basic Islamic Sciences Program (if applicable)
  • A business file for the Department of Traditional Turkish Arts
  • Architectural engineering department work file (if applicable)
  • YÖS exam results for other universities and / or national / international test results (if applicable)
  • 1 letters of recommendation
  • Letter of intent

For the master:

• Bachelor’s diploma and transcripts for all years
• passport copy
• Current CV
Turkish language proficiency test result (if any)
Foreign language proficiency test results for related programs (English or Arabic)
• A business file for the Department of Traditional Turkish Arts and the Department of Architecture
An ALES / GRE degree certificate for the Institute of Engineering and Science (if applicable)
• 3 letters of recommendation
• A letter of intent

For the PhD:

• Master’s degree and transcripts for the master’s level
• passport copy
• Current CV
• A copy of the master’s thesis
Turkish language proficiency test result (if any)
Foreign language proficiency test results for the relevant program (English or Arabic)
• A business file for the Department of Traditional Turkish Arts and the Department of Architecture
An ALES / GRE degree certificate for the Institute of Engineering and Science (if applicable)
• 3 letters of recommendation
• A letter of intent

Application Deadline: The deadline has not yet been announced.

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