Course in Programming Using Python Language (Free Certificate)


Introduction to Programming Using Python Course is a free course offered by Edraak that explains the concept of programming, the basics of Python, and the steps involved in writing a Python program. In addition, the course demonstrates how to use conditional statements in Python, iterate sentences (While), (For), (Nested loop), and other related topics in this programming language.

Python programming course details:

1- The presented platform: Edraak platform

2- Language: Arabic

3- The cost: completely free and includes the presentation of the certificate for free

4- Targeted students: Students of all Arab nationalities

An introduction to programming using the Python language will be presented in a mixed way between constructive education and instructional learning, in order to be able to learn about programming using the Python language and practice it, as it will include presenting the theoretical material for each topic of the course, followed by a presentation of a mini-programming project with the aim of consolidating theoretical concepts By practical application and using Hacking in programming.

How can we write a program using Python?

Introduction to programming using the Python language course provides the learner with the method of writing any program using this language step by step to facilitate the process of understanding and application, as the course explains the basic building blocks needed to build a program in Python and using repetition and conditional sentences in Python during this course of Edraak.

Introduction to programming using Python also explains to the learner the Python language commands and the structure of writing a program written in the Python language using condition statements and repetition. Python.

Join now to this free course from Edraak entitled Introduction to programming using the Python language to learn about the importance of programming, how to write a program in the Python language, the composition of the program, the rules and controls necessary for programming in the Python language, the characters with special semantics, the most important Python commands and conditional statements in Python with many Python applications .

What you will learn in this course?

  • The concept of programming in general
  • The importance of programming and its various languages
  • Python applications
  • Python commands
  • Python programming basics and principles for beginners
  • Conditional sentences in Python
  • The structure of a program written in Python using condition and redundancy
  • How to write a program in Python

How to apply to a Python programming course?

You can now apply through the link below, where you have to create a free account on the Edraak platform and then register for the course and start the free learning process.


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