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IELTSPodcast offers scholarships to help students prepare for the IELTS exam, the site offers this opportunity to students who are in financial difficulty and wish to obtain an IELTS certificate. The IELTS test has offered many students and professionals great opportunities to advance their careers or studies abroad as millions of students from all over the world take the test annually.

For some, the IELTS preparation course is too expensive and unaffordable, so IELTSPodcast offers a free online course that helps prepare well for the IELTS test, as well as a free essay correction service for students.

Type: Academic / General Training

Eligible Students:

  • Non-native English speakers.
  • Students who have never taken an IELTS exam before.
  • University postgraduate applicants.
  • Students who need an IELTS exam for academic or career advancement.
  • You should plan to take an IELTS test in the next six months.

to Apply:

Please send a 200 word letter of motivation explaining why you deserve a free IELTS course to [email protected].

Thesis title should be “IELTS Scholarship Award 2020

On the first line of your order, write the name of the capital of Spain

For university students:

a recommendation letter from a lecturer / teacher stating the candidate’s eligibility. Also include your provisional college admission, stating that you need to obtain your degree

For Advance Professionals:

Provide a letter from the supervisor explaining why the candidate is eligible. Also include any official documents that indicate your need to immigrate to work.

Candidates who do not present the correct documentation will not be eligible or follow the stipulated procedures.
The scholarships will be awarded on a monthly basis and successful candidates will be contacted as soon as possible.

Please note that the award does not cover your IELTS test fee.

The required documents:

  • A letter of motivation explaining why you deserve this free online course.
  • For university students, they are required to: a letter of recommendation from a lecturer / teacher explaining why the student deserves this scholarship. Include the temporary university admission certificate with the time when the student needs to obtain the certificate.
  • For professional professionals, they are required to: Submit a letter of recommendation from the supervisor explaining why the applicant deserves this scholarship. Include any official documents indicating the applicant’s need to emigrate and obtain work abroad.
  • Note: Students who do not correctly submit the required documents will not be eligible to apply for this scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded monthly and successful applicants will be contacted and additional information provided about the course.

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